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Mr. Robot ( 7 minutes ago )

M0vieMaster : Wow season 3 is already getting good.

Death Row Dogs ( 8 minutes ago )

goddammit : don't put the dog in the ring to fight,fucking grow a pair and get in the ring your self wimpy dick head.

Alley Cat ( 14 minutes ago )

Veauimil : Again with the cheese and corn. gag. 0/5

Once Upon a Time ( 16 minutes ago )

wayney85 : I can't believe what they have done to this show, its just a copy of earlier seasons pfft, i think it may get cancelled soon because of what they have done.

Gunpowder ( 20 minutes ago )

Matthew1986 : They are whoring Kit Harrington out a lot these days since he got the 25-35 year old female demographic on lockdown.

The Fosters ( 35 minutes ago )

HalliBot1138 : GAH...Mariana Why are you such a moron at the end of this episode. >.< 5/5 Enjoy!

The Exorcist ( 36 minutes ago )

alias6969 : I'm not at all surprised. But I'm over the moon at the reveal on tonight's episode. Very awesome!!! Can't wait too see the ramifications for what just happened and if she will be able to tell anyone just yet?! 5/5

The Lost City of Z ( 38 minutes ago )

Jtmoustache : Such an amazing story, men use to be filled with courage.

Sweet, Sweet Rachel ( 38 minutes ago )

malaysiaboy : Solid thriller movie with a good script and very good performances. Enjoyed it.

Master of None ( 42 minutes ago )

Lounica : Really smart show. Love it.

The Last Days of Disco ( 45 minutes ago )

lowoil : Movie was a lot more talkie than action, but I liked it. Quirky dialog that somehow works, sorta a throwback to some 80's greats like **The Breakfast Club** but deeper at times. Other parts I didn't care for, but disco did become quite gay towards the end... and the movie didn't shy from showing it. The shy lead Chloe Sevigny was so well done, and a lovey creature to behold. The rest of the cast is just as amazing. Great chemistry. This movie just squeaks into my favorite list. 8/10

Massive Retaliation ( 46 minutes ago )

Veauimil : ugh. poor acting.

Mr Deeds Goes to Town ( 49 minutes ago )

Scuz : Innocence or purity is nicely portrayed in this film. I loved it back then. Also the voice and way of talking of the actress was so..beautiful, so soft. I watched this about 4 years ago, and I miss that feeling I had when I watched this movie back then. Dont know why im sharing this, but..yeah. Anyway..A good movie about a person that is pure and doesn't understand (the) others who choose the conning and lies etc ,a deceitful lifestyle.

James St. James Presents Avantgarde ( 55 minutes ago )

Veauimil : Cheesy and tacky barely begin to describe what crap is. I suppose as soon as I saw Debbie Rochon in the credits... 'nuff said.

Okja ( 1 hour ago )

Benevolentia : Heartfelt + thought-provoking! 9/10 Must watch - straight to favs.

Hotel Beau Séjour ( 1 hour ago )

RoseRed3 : I enjoyed the story, but the dubbing took away from it. I would have preferred subtitles in this case.

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

AssbutInTheImpala : HAHAHAH mommy Sam and daddy Dean

Nadja ( 1 hour ago )

Veauimil : Peculiar sort of movie...Vampire family crisis. Good for a time passer.

Land of the Lustrous ( 1 hour ago )

PeterNorth : Just finished episode 3, this is a pretty good series.

The Fosters ( 1 hour ago )

HalliBot1138 : Brandon is a fool lol. Maybe one day he will get his head out of the dirt, and realize what he is doing. I did not care for the ending either. Still a really good episode though. 5/5 Enjoy!

Lost Souls ( 1 hour ago )

Ravenousbird : I don't know precisely why I like this film other than it has a really creepy son of the devil vibe and is exceptionally well acted by John Hurt. I miss him. RIP. Thank you for the upload.

Jungle ( 1 hour ago )

painteddog : I would do something like that one day, im determine. Excellent movie.

Escape to the Chateau ( 1 hour ago )

JodyVanB : Guys if u can't wait and want see the third episode of the third season then try to search for it on Youtube. I was Lucky last week.

Gunpowder ( 1 hour ago )

suzycreamcheese270 : Disappointing: a lavish production with wonderful actors and a truly horrible script. Yes, it's somewhat even-handed, taking pains to balance Protestant and Catholic atrocities and giving the Gunpowder conspirators sympathetic backstories. These stories are perfunctory and melodramatic, however. Partly it's that the series features so many characters that they all have to be painted with broad strokes. Partly it's just bad writing--an assumption that people's motives don't really matter enough to warrant careful dramatization. Halfway through the second episode, for example, Kit Harrington's character suddenly repents his cruelty to his son for no reason, completely transforming their relationship and redeeming more than a decade of callous indifference. Okay, I get it: no time for psychological subtlety--or historical subtlety either. Plenty of time for loving attention to the subtleties of capital punishment, though. In short, I'm still waiting for a great series on Robert Catesby and his confederates. In the meantime, to get my Guy Fawkes fix, I'll just have to watch Cersei blow up the Sept of Baelor a few more times.

UFC Fight Night ( 1 hour ago )

ShiftyAiden : Something fishy about that last one. Had a WWF vibe there at the end. Completely staged fan area for the winner, bad acting by the fighter outside the ring, who just happened to be in Poland when he was called out?? Love the UFC but wth was that?!

Gunpowder ( 1 hour ago )

malfisly : king snow is there lol

Grey's Anatomy ( 1 hour ago )

NaoShadowpaws : Bailey's speech about bringing shame to the family was perfect as always.

The Norliss Tapes ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Great classic horror. Very suspenseful and intriguing. The way the mystery is unraveled was kinda chilling and had a spooky effect to it.

Love Struck Cafe ( 1 hour ago )

hollycoco : Why was this rated so high? The description sounds boring as hell!

Jack the Giant Killer ( 1 hour ago )

Veauimil : Tried too hard to make this movie from too many pieces of other movies in the genre/similar genres. Alright I suppose for a chilly autumn day but generally - not so great. 2.5/5

Broadcasting Christmas ( 2 hours ago )

Kaasbammetje : Sorry I couldn't finish this one. I stopped watching after 2/3 of the movie. I continued to irritate me to Dean Cain. His occurrence... The story was very boring and the acting of some was poor. I rate this movie 4/10. Not gonna add this one to my Christmas Movies Playlist.

Happy Death Day ( 2 hours ago )

goeatyourself : So glad they gave the "Ground hog day" mention... Too often credit is not given when due! Overall not an original thought, but its a good film to kill an hour or so. 3/5

The Fosters ( 2 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : Great episode, and loved the closing song. 5/5 Enjoy!

Mindhunter ( 2 hours ago )

timfive : I loved the old cars and locations.This was no Black Mirror or American Horror Story but still one that plays with your brain 4 / 5 They are up there with Impractical Jokers. I mean lets face it them guys are crazy and are going to kill each other some day. LoL cringe factor 6.

True Detective ( 2 hours ago )

jakhamr : Man, I thought season 2 was good. Compelling, gritty, good acting, dark and well done.

Atomic Blonde ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : This was not a bad watch. Some good action scenes...

Star ( 2 hours ago )

maude52 : Finally some music and lyrics with substance and depth ! beautiful last piece and some clarity on truly what happened the night of murder.

1922 ( 2 hours ago )

heisenberg : Not so typical horror flick,ONLY the moment,only that scene on the bed is good. The women/mother and a wife got what coming for her, she deserved it i guess .

Panic in the Skies! ( 2 hours ago )

bwes : IMO i thought it was a pretty okay for a 4.4 IMDB movie.

The Exorcist ( 2 hours ago )

starburst121 : A Good twist. I must admit im a tad confused about the possession. Hopefuly next week will reveal more.

Psychos in Love ( 2 hours ago )

annelapham : Thought it was a film noir, but it was 80's style cinematography. It has its moments, both grisly surprises and well bodied strippers.

UFC Fight Night ( 2 hours ago )

bradikitty : Dev Clark is a retard... What a dumbass. That darren till fellow is a bit too cocky as well

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini ( 2 hours ago )

Lestat1970 : This was so campy and fun. LOL....

Gunpowder ( 2 hours ago )

BntyHunter : This story is about a civil war where the different sides were 90% the same and it reminds me of how the US is now. Most decent people agree on 9/10 things, but we keep getting divided by those in power who fuel us up on both sides. So badly they butchered each other. I understand killing enemy soldiers in war. Its a terrible thing but I understand it. I will never understand how a person could quarter, rack or brutalize someone to the point at which it takes hours or even minutes to die. People without a higher purpose and generally moral leadership are terrible things. 10% of Nazis made 90% of average folks in aiding genocide. 4% of priests brunt and tortured countless innocent women and Jews in Spain and the US. 8% of the Chinese Communists starved 80 million people. We better just hope the US keeps some semblance of morals, if not we will descend back into darkness and torture, just like the Dark Ages backslide from enlightenment. Even though we are divided its much healthier than the past times where a tiny percent lead the others. Hopefully we will keep 50/50 and stay intact, otherwise, the whole world is in trouble.

Gotham ( 2 hours ago )

MuslimBeard : It's so good to see Dr. Bashir spending some time on earth, although I think maybe all the solar radiation fried his brain.

HarmonQuest ( 2 hours ago )

thestuwart : would be great to be able to watch more than just 2 episodes of the second season....just saying ;)

Better Watch Out ( 2 hours ago )

AthenisK : A nice twist on the genre. It isn't original of course, but the humor that went with it made it stand out from similar movies. Honestly though, I didn't care for the end. With everything else that went on, there's no way that one MAJOR detail would have been overlooked in such a meticulous plan. The rest of it was great and the lead kid did an amazing job. Well worth watching. Don't be put off by the holiday setting if that's something you don't like, as it plays no significant role. It isn't a Christmas themed horror movie or anything at all, winter is just a convenient time of year to allow for a few small plot devices.

Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast ( 2 hours ago )

hollycoco : This IS Lisa Lampanelli!

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Mr. Robot

M0vieMaster : Wow season 3 is already getting good.

Alley Cat

Veauimil : Again with the cheese and corn. gag. 0/5

Once Upon a Time

wayney85 : I can't believe what they have done to this show, its just a copy of earlier sea ...


Matthew1986 : They are whoring Kit Harrington out a lot these days since he got the 25-35 year ...

The Fosters

HalliBot1138 : GAH...Mariana Why are you such a moron at the end of this episode. >.< 5/ ...

The Exorcist

alias6969 : I'm not at all surprised. But I'm over the moon at the reveal on tonight's episo ...

The Lost City of Z

Jtmoustache : Such an amazing story, men use to be filled with courage.

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